Saturday, June 10, 2006

Police to take action against Playboy!!!

Jakarta: Indonesian police could take action against the publishers of the Indonesian version of 'Playboy' if the magazine carried pictures and stories against the norms of decency, National Police said today.

"Any pornographic taints will be dealt with. But so far we have not found such indecent factors," Deputy Chief Spokesman, National Police Brig Gen Anton said here yesterday. He also said there was no need to wait for the passage of the pornographic bill to take action, because the Penal Code was "quite sufficient" to take action against indecent behavior and acts. "Penalties under the Penal Code are normally much lighter than those under the pornographic law," he said. The magazine as pornographic icon in the United States has appeared for the second time in Indonesia.

In its maiden edition in Jakarta in April this year, the publication triggered protests from the community although it did not carry any pornographic content. On the pretext of averting any social unrest, Jakarta city police managed to persuade the magazine's publishers not to publish it from Jakarta.

This week, the second edition of the magazine appeared but its office had moved to Bali. Even this time the publication triggered protests from various circles who have already been opposed to the magazine from the beginning.


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