Friday, January 13, 2006

Flickr. What’s that?

2005 was named the Year of Digital Citizen as new technologies and tech terms became part of our vocabulary. Podcast was the word of the year

Remember the London bombings, the Katrina and the tsunami that were the big news in 2005. People blogged, podcast and flickred them, and they (and the technologies they used) became news. Now that trend has become official with the year 2005 declared as the Year of Digital Citizens in recognition of the camera-phone wielding citizens of the world who posted the pictures of the historic events on their blogs, wikis, social networking and photosharing websites.

The icing on the cake for the geeks was the naming of ‘Podcast’ as the 2005 word of the year by the the Oxford dictionary. Closely following them were the techie words like lifehack, wiki, rootkit, etc. There is no doubt that these technologies have transformed the western world to a large extent. But many of these terms strike a discordant note amongst the Indians. ‘Flickr, what’s that? Is that a new kind of fan?’ and such remarks is common. We ask some people in the city who might know a thing or two about gadgetry on their tryst with the digital year that just went by.

Sanjiv Kataria, Group Executive Vice President, NIIT: I bought a new PC which is bundled with all the latest features of TV, radio and just about anything to make it a home theatre system. I also bought two ipods, one for myself and my daughter.

Rajat Raina, model: I am a game freak. All the gadgets that I have from the mobile phones to the computers are all centred around just one purpose: gaming. I also play games on Gameboy Advanced and PSPs.

Anthony Braganza, band manager, Black Slade: I am quite comfortable with internet and downloading music. Last year, I taught myself to use a recording software called Cakewalk for audition and composing.

Nafisa Ali, socialite: I am comfortable with computers and in the process of creating a website for myself. I am also thinking of starting a blog.

Meera Ramchandran, principal, Gargi college: My college has just installed an intranet communication facility at which I am quite adept. I am also involved in updating the college website.

Palash Sen, singer: I love internet surfing. Computers are my passion and in fact I have set up my own recording studio equipped with software like Cubase and other sound editing tools. I record all my new songs myself.


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